Book Review: Suite Dubai (Arriving) by Callista Fox

Against all odds, Rachel, an unemployed college grad, lands a job at a new 5 star hotel in faraway Dubai and finds herself caught between a boss who seems to loathe her and the young, handsome owner of the hotel – Prince Khalid Al Zari. Thousands of miles from home and in a culture she doesn’t understand, she tries to convince her coworkers, and herself, that she deserves her new position, that she can throw a grand opening for a King.

Suite Dubai is both an epic love story and a story about finding out who you are and how you make a place for yourself in the world.



This review will be a short one because, well, this book is a pretty short one. I mean, there are only three chapters. I guess it is more like an intro to a story and that the author would publish more chapters later. So, anyway, this book was surprisingly good. I mean, the writing was very vivid and the storyline is pretty intriguing too. The only complaint I had was that I found the main character, Rachel to be a bit whiny. I mean, she is twenty three years old and she doesn’t have a job. She applies to a lot of places, but gets rejected mostly. She finally gets a job at a posh hotel in Dubai (not by herself, I might add, but by the recommendation of a sheik). And she doesn’t seem grateful at all. She whines that she didn’t make a good first impression on her superiors even though it seemed to me that all was not bad. Then she whines about being in a strange country where everything is strange. Of course, it is going to be strange in Dubai because it is a different freaking culture! Then she whines that the owner of the hotel, who is a Prince incidentally, didn’t smile back at her when she smiled at him. I mean, he must have other important, I don’t know, “princely” things to do, right? But, no, Rachel seems pretty self-involved about the whole thing. BUT. The book was well-written and I found myself wanting to read the subsequent chapters. If you can ignore the whininess of the main character (and I found that it was not that hard a task because the whininess only makes it presence rarely), I can definitely say you will enjoy the book. I hope in the next few chapters, we get to see Rachel evolve as a character and maybe I would love to know more about the other characters too – Samantha, the Prince, Hamid, Kritika etc.


6 thoughts on “Book Review: Suite Dubai (Arriving) by Callista Fox

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  2. Thanks for the review. You did a great job for only having the first episode of the story. This may sound strange but I’m glad you found my character a little whiny. My favorite books are ones where the character is changed by the story, where their experiences test them and help them grow. I needed Rachel to be a bit whiny and self-centered to give her room to change. Again thanks for the review. Your doing a great job and a great service to new writers. I know you must have a lot to read already but I’m happy to send you more episodes of Suite Dubai–the second is out and the third will be finished in about a week– if you want to read them.


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